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Mirandira Tours focuses on 3 aspects to empower communities in East Africa. A social, ecological and cultural aspect.


To support community projects, we have established a network of smaller NGOs in East Africa by inviting visitors and raising awareness of the organisations' work. Many small projects have few contacts abroad. As a result, there are fewer development opportunities for them. We, as Mirandira Tours, want to create a big network for exchange between organizations and travelers so that cultural exchange can develop mutually.

Local KID

Local KID Educational Proogram.jpg

Local KID works in 3 localities in Uganda. In Kisoro (western Uganda), the NGO supports street children, schoolless adults and young people who are addicted to drugs. In Kitgum, LK also opened a training program for adults and young mothers without school education in 2023. And in the capital Kampala, various children are supported with school education.

Support Disabled Children Ggaba


The Organization, based in Kampala, focuses on working with mentally and physically challenged children of all ages. Together with various therapists and families, they improve the children's quality of life and provide a home and refuge for all those affected.

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