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As part of our tours, we pay attention to eco-friendly travel with recycled drinking bottles, sustainable packaging and anti-pollution bins.


Together with Adventure Africa we support the growth of forests in Uganda. With every tour booked, we plant 5 trees in Uganda to support the ecosystem and build a greener society.


 5 million medical trees and fruit trees in Africa by 2030

Our mission is to create food forests in Uganda and Africa while involving children, their parents and school teachers in the creation process. You will learn life skills and a respect for nature that only practical practice can provide.

Gerald Nkusi, the person behind the trees...

Gerald Nkusi is a Eco-supporter and youth ambassador for climate change and passionate tour guide in Uganda and Rwanda. He has made it his mission to turn wasted land in communities and around people's homes, as well as severely degraded forests and ecosystems, into food forests.

As food security continues to decline in Uganda and Africa, it is crucial for local communities and young people to gain access to skills that will enable them to understand and practice food production in an environmentally friendly way, without already causing further harm.

Together with his team, they help communities design and build natural ecosystems full of life that take care of themselves, just like a forest that grows native vegetables, organic food and trees of their choice.

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