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Mirandira Tours

Connect Culture and Nature to an impactful travel.

Mirandira Tours was founded by Chiara Katende and Augustine Mutali as an alternative travel company. The idea of a travel company originally came from the supporters of the organization Local KID NGO, who wanted to visit the projects in Uganda. (www.localkid-uganda.comAs an NGO and travel company, we want to ensure transparency and a travel community with our tours. The aim is to give an impression of the real, non-tourist Africa in order to develop an awareness of the strength of the continent. Our company is defined by cultural, social and environmental values which includes that Mirandira Tours promotes the culture in the country, aiming to support sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism. Based on our values we offer cultural insights and community visits to bring the country closer to our clients with its diversity of traditions.

We create individual tours to suit your wishes and your comfort. We offer national park tours, city tours, cultural exchanges, research programs, family vacations and honeymoons.

Our focus is to make the tour unforgettable for you and create a great memory.

We take our time for your tour. We plan with you personally, by online call or e-mail.

We walk you through your needs to create a tour that suits your comfort. When you arrive in Uganda, your personal guide will be waiting for you and will be at your side throughout the tour.


Our Mission is to change the tourism sector in Africa from an Profit- and Tourist oriented industry to an sustainable, community oriented industry by providing a deeper impression of the countries, connect more with people in the country, promote a family-like travel community and support enviroment, culture and people of each country with our tours.


Our Vision is to strenghten the continent from within, by raising awareness about its people, nature and culture. We want to empower young people in Africa to learn about the wildlife and culture in their countries by supporting education and development. We cooperate with various communities and organisations to develop a non touristic experience which supports the infrastructure and development in the country.

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